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We are pleased to offer a personal catering service, our catering staff can provide a funeral tea/buffet service in your own home, a village hall or elsewhere.


We can arrange music of your choice for both Church or Crematorium services, your choice of music is very personal and can help to set the emotional environment.


All donations received by us are banked into our special Donation account.

A strict account of all donations is kept, a list of donors is sent to the family and the total amount of money is sent to the charity.

Each account is held open for approximately 6 weeks following the funeral.


Cheques can be made to the Charity, to Crowsons Donation Account or Toby Hunt Donation Account.


‘Gift Aid’ is a simple way of increasing the amount of a donation, simply click on the gift aid link, print the form and fill your details in, then send the form to us with your donation.

This is because for every £1 donated the charity receives 25p from the Inland Revenue in tax that you have already paid.

You can only use ‘Gift Aid’ if you are a U.K. taxpayer.


Service stationery


We create funeral stationery that makes a unique and lasting keepsake of a loved one for family and friends, these can include family photographs and personal memories.

The funeral order of service, attendance cards and thank you cards, please ask if you have something else in mind we are here to help and guide you.